In our Project work “FABRICATION OF PNEUMATIC CONTROLLED RIVETING AND PUNCHING MACHINE” we used principles of Pneumatic control system in developing this project work., In our project we are having two control switches, when first switch is pressed it works as a Riveting machine and when the second switch is pressed it works as Punching machine. The vibrating mechanism is achieved by reciprocating the double acting cylinders, which controlled by solenoid operated 5/2 way DC valve which is actuated through the control system.
The operating pressure required for this system is 5 to 6 bar. The maintenance required for this system is less than the other systems.
For punching operation, a counter weight is added to the pneumatic cylinder force in order to make the punching operation effectively, and also for punching operation a separate Punching tool is fitted and the job is placed on the die, For riveting operation a riveting head is fitted.


The press is the punching and riveting machine tool designed to punch letter or rivet metal by applying mechanical force or pressure. The metal is punched or riveted to the desired requirement. The presses are exclusively intended for mass production and they represent the fastest and more efficient way to form a metal into a finished punched or riveted product.
Press tools are used to form and cut thin metals. Press tools operation can be simplified to a few simple operations involving a punch a die. There are Nemours types of presses in engineering field, which are used to fulfil the requirements. We are interested to introduce pneumatic system in presses. The main function of pneumatic press is to form or cut thin sheet metals or non metals using pneumatic power. In this project we have used to punching process and riveting process for simple application.
Principle of Operation of a Press:
Every press has got certain basic units. They are bed frame, sliding ram, drive for the ram and power source. Base or bed is the lower part of the press frame. A thick plate called bolster plate is placed on the top of the bed. A die is fitted on the top of the bolster plate. The driving mechanism is mounted on the frame. The frame has got guide ways for the sliding movement of the ram. The driving mechanism is connected to the ram. The punch is fitted at the bottom of the ram. The die and punch are correctly aligned. The work piece is in the form of sheet metal. It is fed over the die. When the ram comes down, the punch presses the sheet metal. The required operation is carried out. As said earlier the force from the press is used to do a particular operation. This is done by two main parts die and punch.


Compressed air from a compressor is used to press the work by means of the piston and piston rod, cylinder through a lever. The high pressurized air striking against the piston tends to push it upwards. This force is transmitted to a punch by means of a lever by its mechanical advantage. The punch forced downward pierces the work material. This is the main principle of the unit.

Fabricated Pneumatic Jack

  1. Mounting Plate
  2. Threaded Screw
  3. Base Plate
  4. Bearing
  5. Coupling
  6. Movable Joints
  7. Steel Plates For Supporting
  8. Welding Electrodes
  9. Cylinder worming
  10. Cylinder stroke
  • Motor
  • Hardware’s To Fit
  • Power Supply
  • Switch
  • PU fitting
  • Teflon tape
  • Polyurethane hose
  • Riveting mount
  • Punching mount


  1. Welding Machine
  2. Screw driver
  3. Spanner
  4. Soldering Rod
  5. Soldering flux
  6. Cutter
  7. Lathe
  8. Knurling Tool
  9. Tapper Tool
  10. Machine Vice
  11. Axe Frame
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