Pedal operated Mobile phone charger an important role in the material, social and cultural life of man kind. Imagine never having to plug your cell phone into the wall again now you can just plug it into your cycle “Watts Maker” cell phone charger. The system consists of a small  generator that provides power to your mobile phone while you take an evening ride around the neighborhood or pedal to work. This model takes about 90 minutes to go from dead to fully charged, and it produces energy as long as the wheels keep turning.
This winter, my dad and I took up the project of building a simple pedal-powered cell phone charger to mount on my bicycle. Cell phones are small potatoes in the big picture of energy consumption, but the apparatus we built could be a very practical concept for those on self-supported bike tours or those living temporarily in situations without electricity. Just unplug your phone from the wall, and in the time that it takes for you to rig up this gizmo your phone will be out of juice and you’ll be due for a long Ride A couple visits to the local hardware store and Radio Shack secured all the parts we needed for the job.
Pedal Operated Cell Phone Charger Project
Pedal Operated Cell Phone Charger Project
Initially starting with cycle pedaling operation is manually. The sprocket is coupled to another sprocket with the help of chain drive. The second sprocket shaft is coupled to the Cam plate with the help of End bearings.
When engaged, the generator wheel rolls against the cycle tire. The motion produces electricity, and the greater your speed, the greater the voltage output. The cord from the generator leads first to the circuit board’s bridge rectifier, which converts the AC to DC. In other words, the up-and-down, positive-to-negative current becomes a steady positive current. Then, the capacitor levels out the DC voltage, producing a steady voltage inflow to the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator is crucial, as the phone only needs 3 to 4 volts to charge, whereas fast pedaling can produce 30 volts or more, which is enough to fry the average cell phone. The regulator controls the voltage, putting a five-volt ceiling on the power entering the phone.
 Since the Pedal operated cell phone charger is more efficient it is used for mobile charger.
All mobile charging  Applications
1. This is of compact in size
2. Less Maintenance is enough
3. Quite running and smooth operation is achieved.
4. Higher efficiency
5. Effective working principle
6. Less Maintenance
  • Less efficiency when compressed to other device.
  • Leakage of air affects the working of the unit.

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