Main Parts of Capstan Lathe  and Turret Lathe


Capstan and Turret lathes


The semiautomatic lathes, capstan lathe and turret lathe are very similar in construction, operation and application. schematically shows the basic configuration of capstan lathe and Fig.  shows that of turret lathe.
Turret Lathe Parts Diagram
Turret Lathe Parts Diagram
In contrast to centre lathes, capstan and turret lathes
• are semiautomatic
• possess an axially movable indexable turret (mostly hexagonal) in place of tailstock
• holds large number of cutting tools; upto four in indexable tool post on the front slide, one in the rear slide and upto six in the turret (if hexagonal) as indicated in the schematic diagrams.
• are more productive for quick engagement and overlapped functioning of the tools in addition to faster mounting and feeding of the job and rapid speed change.
• enable repetitive production of same job requiring less involvement, effort and attention of the operator for pre-setting of work–speed and feed rate and length of travel of the cutting tools
• are relatively costlier
• are suitable and economically viable for batch production or small lot production.
capstan lathe working digram
capstan lathe working digram
1. Bed – The bed is a long box like casting with accurate guide ways on which carriage and turret saddle are mounted. The bed is designed to ensure strength, rigidity and permanency of alignment under heavy-duty services. Carriage is mounted over the bed and travels longitudinally.
2. Headstock – Headstock is a large casting located at the left hand end of the machine. The headstock of a capstan and turret lathe may be of following types:
(i) Step Cone Pulley Driven Headstock – This is the simplest type of the headstock and is fitted with small capstan lathes where the lathe is engaged in machining small and almost constant diameter of work pieces. Only three or four steps of pulley can cater to the needs of the machine .The machine requires special counter shaft unlike that of an engine lathe, where starting, stopping and reversing of the machine spindle can be affected by simply presenting a foot pedal.
(ii) Electric Motor Driven Headstock – In this type of headstock the spindle of the machine and the armature shaft of the motor are one and the same. Any speed variation and reversal is affected by simply controlling the motor. Three or four speeds are available and the machine is suitable for smaller diameter of work pieces rotated at high speed.
(iii) All Geared Headstock On the larger lathes the headstock are geared and different mechanism are employed for speed changing by actuating levers. The speed changing may be affected without stopping the machine.
3.Turret Saddle – 
This saddle replaces the tail stock of a centre lathe. It is mounted directly on the lathe bed on the same side as a tail stock in the centre lathe. It can be of two types one is that which travels longitudinally along with the tool when it is fed into the job and the turret head carrying the tool is mounted directly on it. In the other type, it is provided with a slide which moves in the guide ways made in it. In this type the turret head is mounted on the slide. As the overhung of the slide is kept limited, the saddle can be moved along the bed and secured at the desired position. During the operation it remains stationary and the tools are fed longitudinally by moving the slide. The former type of saddle is provided on the saddle type turret lathes and the latter type on the ram type turret lathes or capstan lathes.
4. Cross Slide and Saddle. In small capstan lathes, hand operated cross slide and saddle are used which are clamped on the lathe bed at required position.
5.Tool accessories
The different tools and accessories use in a centre lathe, some tools are use for manufacture
work on a turret lathe:
1. Tap with die holder
2. Adjustable Shaft tool holder
3. Boring heads
4. Rear tool holder
5. Straight Shaft tool holder
6. Multi tool holder
7. Split bushes
8. Long with short tool holders
9. Changeable tool holder
10. Adapter sleeves
11. Adapter flange
12. Inclined Shaft tool hold
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