• Recently in Mumbai, there occurred 2 cases of sever oil spill near sea shore affecting most of the aquatic life of the area. Also fishing and tourism were affected by this spillage.The environmental effects of such oil spills are not negligible as this is a global problem now days. Every year, there is million US gallons of oil spill. This is equal to 100 large size gymnasium halls. The numbers though could not tell the actual harm caused to the environment by such oil spill as it is in numerous. So there is need of an effective way to clean this oil from the surface without actually wasting it.Now, in industries, to separate oil from other things like coolant and water, we use oil skimmers. There are various methods for this, of which disk type oil skimmer is one of the majorly used. This is because of its simple working and very high efficiency of around 90-95%.
  • There are many important positive points of this system as explained below
  •  No external power is needed of skimming when used with
  • solar power
  • It reduced oil pollution of sea
  • it separate oil from water


  • Today world required speed in each and every field. Hence rapidness and quick working is most important. Now days for achieving rapidness, various machines and the equipment are being manufactured. In such a modern era of liberalization, small-scale industries are contributing in a big
  • way to the growth of our country. The engineer is constantly confronted with the challenges of bringing ideas and design into reality. New machines and techniques are being developed continuously ton manufacture various products at cheaper rates and high quality. Taking into account the above contribution we have tried to manufacture such equipment, which is the accessory of machine tool to have the treatment to the cutting fluid after having used as a coolant. Because the coolant after having continuous use, gets mixed up with the lubricating oil and its  property gets changed.
  • Hence it becomes necessary to separate the oil from the mixture of the oil and the coolant. Oil pollution occurs in harbor basins when leaks from shore facilities for the supply of diesel fuel to fishing vessels find their way into the harbor water; when vessels pump out oily bilge water in port; when used engine oil is dumped overboard and when an accident results in leakage of fuel oil.



Disc and Belt to attract oil which is dumped into collecting tank Entire assembly is on floating/or fixed disk and belt with skimmer partially dipped in water for more contact . Solar panels charge the battery and runs the motor and make itself sustaining model . The rubber scraper is attached with disc and belt and collect oil in collecting.
  1.  No external power is needed of skimming when used with
  2. solar power
  3. It reduced oil pollution of sea
  4. it separate oil from water
              1.  Coolant systems
              2. Heat treating fluids
              3. Food processing plants
              4. Parking lots, garages, and service facilities
              5. Outdoor ponds, lakes, and basins
              6. Underground tanks
              7. Ships’ bilges
              8. Aircraft service areas and tarmac runoff Truck, locomotive, and other mobile equipment washing facilities 

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