The main aim of our project is to save time. It’s highly impossible to spend our time always in cleaning of the white board. Instead of this, we can control the D.C motor so that the white board to be cleaned. This indeed saves our valuable, precious time. We can do this huge work, merely by using forward/reverse switch control. It is highly useful, as it possess various advantages. Our objective is to design and develop a electric system normally “AUTOMATIC BOARD CLEANER”.

This is an era of automation where it is broadly defined as replacement of manual effort by mechanical power in all degrees of automation. The operation remains an essential part of the system although with changing demands on physical input as the degree of mechanization is increased.
Degrees of automation are of two types, viz.
  •   Full automation.
  •   Semi automation.

    In semi automation a combination of manual effort and mechanical power is required whereas in full automation human participation is very negligible.


block Diagram Of automatic board cleaner
Block Diagram

The block diagram of Automatic board cleaner is shown in figure, it consist of a 2V battery, D.C. motor, pulleys and frame stand. The forward and reverse switch is used to control the D.C motor so that it’s run in both the direction. The motor and pulley driving mechanism is used to clean the board with suitable arrangement.                                                                                        


  1. Its construction is simple and requires less maintenance.
  2. Low cost 
  3. Portable in size and Easy transportable
  4. No external devices are used here to control it.
  5. Less Manual Work 
  6. Time saving Project


• Externally charged by the battery
• Additional cost is required


  •   College and School Application
  •   Tuition center, conference hall and meeting hall
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