Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System

Automatic temperature controller with cooling system is a project to control the
marine engine room temperature automatically to switch on the air cooler. This is also
used as home Appliance project. The field of mechanical engineering has a theme word
called “CHANGE” as its backbone. The new technological advancements and the needs
of people have made us think about this project. Our project is maiden venture into the
field of air temperature controlling and also deals with human comfort.
Human comfort conditions deal with the conditions of environment around you, viz
HOT & COLD. Our project is a novel idea to control the temperature of the room. This
unit would be an economic utility at all places to provide comfort conditions to the
Human beings give off heat, around an average of 100 kcal per hour per person,
due to what is known as „metabolism‟. The temperature mechanism within the human
body maintains a body temperature of around 36.9 degree C (98.4degree F). But the skin
temperature varies according to the surrounding temperature and relative humidity. To
dissipate the heat generated by metabolism in order to maintain the body temperature at
the normal level, there must be a flow of heat from the skin to the surrounding air. If the
surrounding temperature is slightly less than that of the body, there will be steady flow of
heat from the skin. But is the surrounding temperature is very low, as on a cold winter
day the rate of heat flow from the body will be quite rapid, thus the person feels cold, on
the other hand on a hot summer day, the surrounding temperature is higher than that of
the body, and so there cannot be flow of heat from the skin to the surroundings, thus the
person feels hot.
automatic temperature controller with cooling system
Automatic Temperature Controller with Cooling system
  1. Simple in construction.
  2. This system is noiseless in operation.
  3. It is portable, so it can be transferred easily from one place to other place.
  4. Power is stored in a battery.
  5. Maintenance cost is low.
  6. The LCD display monitors the current temperature of the room continuously.
  7. Keyboard is used to set the temperature you want.
  1. Power requirement of the air cooler is high.
  2. Initial cost is high.
  • Home
  • Industries
  • Meeting hall
  • Seminar hall
  • We can maintain the room temperature at required level.
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