Moulding is one of the important metals forming process in manufacturing components for various applications in industry. Casting of any size and shape can be made accurately. Automation in this field helps to improve the foundry environment and accuracy of the cast parts. Efficiency of moulding is affected by various parameters like permeability, collapsibility, adhesiveness etc. So it is a must to avoid defects in casting.
The defects occur in sand castings post a great problem in foundry. In our project, two pneumatic cylinders are used to fully automate the boring mechanism in boundary. So we have selected the idea of fabricating “AUTOMATIC BORING MECHANISM”.
To operate this machine an air compressor is needed. One cylinder is used to move the bucket in linear motion and another one is used to up and down the bucket so that the molten material goes to the pattern automatically. Bucket is attached to the end of the piston rod which contains the molten materials. The pressure developed inside the cylinder reciprocates the piston.
Automatic Boring Mechanism For Foundry
Automatic Boring Mechanism For Foundry
1. Uniform products are obtained by this machine.
2. The time consumption for production is reduced greatly.
3. Skilled labor is not required.
4. Easy operation
5. It can be transported easily from one place to another since dismantling and assembling is simple.
6. It reduces more labor for this operation.
7. Maintenance is easy.
1. The initial investment is high when compared to manual operation.
2. Air leakage affects the efficiency.
  • Industrial Applications
  • All Foundry Application
  • Plastic and casting Industry
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